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A Green Business

   I am in business for people who prefer hassle-free service and peerless quality of fine crafted wood items for their home. Beautiful furniture and more, custom made by a master artisan. You can speak directly with the business owner (me) who will be the person making and installing your furniture, unlike just about every other contractor out there. As for design, I possess excellent design sense with a broad knowledge of materials, hardware and proper finishes per application.

   You can expect high attention to every detail discussed during the design phase to be fulfilled in the making of your items. I strive for and often achieve perfection in my work. So, there are no lost or forgotten elements nor miscommunication. You will get expert and considerate collaboration from start to finish for your investment of time and money. I mainly provide my service direct to home owners, by-passing the need for general contractors and designers who often add problems and extra cost to a project. I prefer the educated consumer…people who understand quality, know pretty much what they want, and having experienced all the incompetence they can handle in a life-time, want to avoid the the stress of hiring the wrong people. You can confidently rely on me to do what I say I will do. I can take over and complete an unfinished project abandoned or done wrong by another company. I will look at estimates you have received by other businesses pretending to offer quality, usually via a middleman, and tell you if I can do better. I have also built a great reputation among corporate and non-profits locally in the Miami, Dade county vicinity for the past 30 years.

   In an effort to transition my business and lifestyle away from toxic, polluting petro/carbon based electric energy and helping in a small way to leave a healthier planet to my children, for the past 5 years my workshop operates entirely off solar power cells on the shop roof. Those PV panels soak up the free energy from the abundant Florida sunshine! The savings in energy and overhead are passed on to the customers in more high-value time of the artisan devoted to perfecting your piece of furniture. Operating as a green business we offset any small demand we make on the world’s forests from which we acquire our wood. Winter Woodworks uses FSC (Forest Stewartship Council) certified material when available and recycles wood waste in a large custom-made, compost tumbler turning sawdust and chips into rich, organic garden soil. We never use ozone depleting, high VOC chemical finishes. Instead, we have perfected the use of a new generation of tough, waterborne clear and opaque wood finishes that last much longer than solvent lacquers. Your home is no place for toxic out-gassing of solvents and formaldehyde glues! Your support of our business thus turns into support of the Earth’s natural environment and your physical and spiritual health.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Mark Anthony, Winter Woodworks

Winter Wood Work

Email Mark your projects today. Or text them to his mobile You may also leave a voicemail to request a call back when Mark can put down his tools and talk to you directly. Thx!

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