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If you happen to own an enormous yacht, perhaps as in this case used as a charter business, and the original interior trim is showing its age, here is an example of how to make a couple of small improvements that make a big difference. The work shown is onboard an 85’ motor yacht built in a factory where perhaps fine woodwork artisans were in short supply and it was necessary to cut costs wherever possible. This is the pilot’s station now trimmed out in rich, lacquered wood, replacing factory installed plastic vinyl.

After removal, this is some of what was installed by the manufacturer of the yacht. I took all the original upholstered pieces back to my workshop and selected the best mahogany and duplicated the original shapes exactly for an easy installation.

The area where the vinyl covered wood removed from the interior.

This interior upgrade was the special touch this chartered luxury yacht needed to impress the guests.

This curved section of mahogany is made up of 3 pieces glued into a large radius, cut on a shaper with a 2″ qtr. round bit.


Close-up of the high-polish and single piece, solid wood trim selected for this boat.

Pilot console now with lacquered mahogany curved rim installed. What an improvement! The beauty of the wood would not be as great if it were not for the fact that the wood used for this project was all from my own stock of wood collected from local, specifically Coral Gables, storm damaged mahogany trees. Imported ‘Honduran mahogany’ ( Sweitenia macrophylla) does not have the fine qualities as this genuine variety of ‘Cuban’ mahogany (Swietenia mahogani).

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